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Petra Air Intake Cleaner 12oz

Petra Air Intake Cleaner is designed to clean, protect and lubricate. It is safe for coated throttle bodies and intakes. It also improves airflow for smoother idling. This product is formulated to maintain the efficient operation of the air intake components; throttle valve body, butterfly and idle intake control valves. Deposits hamper the smooth function of the air intake system, causing hard starting, rough idling, and poor running. The use of Petra Air Intake Cleaner eliminates these problems. Use in accordance with injector cleaning machine manufacturer’s instructions with suggested safety procedures.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Advantages & Uses:

    • Removes harmful deposits from throttle bodies and intakes
    • Lubricates and protects moving parts
    • Improves airflow


    • Safe for coated throttle bodies and intakes
    • Helps eliminate hesitation and rough idling and improve performance
    • Will not harm catalytic converters, oxygen sensors or other fuel system components