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Chemetall Tech Cool 35048

Premium grade semi-synthetic metalworking fluid, contains no chlorine or sulfur, provides for fluid residual film, outstanding system life, excellent corrosion protection, superior boundary lubrication, controlled detergency, can machine most metal alloys.

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    Tech Cool® 35048 is a unique premium machining and grinding fluid developed specifically for applications requiring superior micro-finish on ferrous and aluminum metal substrates. Tech Cool 35048 contains no chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus compounds and is safe on ferrous & aluminum alloys. This product technology uses a unique blend of biological resistant additives which results in exceptional sump life. It is completely free of DCHA and formaldehyde releasing biocides. Tech Cool 35048 exhibits enhanced hard water tolerance and increased emulsion stability. The in-service cleanliness of this product allows for long-term system life without the formation of heavy, tacky, water insoluble residues. Tech Cool 35048 is recommended for use in most medium to heavy duty machining and grinding applications.

    Tech Cool 35048 is acceptable for use under Rule 1144 of the SCAQMD at recommended dilution levels.

    Tech Cool 35048 is designed to be low foaming in central systems and individual sumps. The product can be mixed directly with water. It is suitable for tapping, reaming, sawing, turning, ID and OD grinding or similar operations. Depending on the operation, Te ch Cool 35048 can be diluted from 40:1 to 10:1.

    Always add Tech Cool 35048 concentrate to water. Do not add water to Tech Cool 35048 concentrate.