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Chemetall Tech Cool 35200

Tech Cool® 35200 is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid with superior performance for critical applications. This product contains unique ingredients designed to significantly reduce odors and problems associated with bath life. This proprietary blend of highly polar ingredients provides the necessary balance of cooling and lubrication required for extended tool life without the use of chlorine or sulfur.

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    Detailed Product Description

    • Premium oil semi‐synthetic coolant
    • Excellent staining protection
    • Effective on general machining applications for multi‐metal systems
    • Excellent performance on:
      • Cast iron substrates
      • Steel
      • Non ferrous metals

    Tech Cool 35200 provides superior chip settling properties and controlled detergency to prevent tacky residues from forming during machining and grinding operations. In addition, the increased stability of this product resists performance depletions due to hard water build-up or microbial actions commonly found with waterbased metalworking systems. Tech Cool 35200 is recommended for machining and grinding ferrous and yellow metal substrates. Tech Cool 35200 is an ideal product for roll forming metals including seamed tube mills where both ferrous and galvanized substrates are processed.