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Chevron ATF Dexron VI

Havoline® Synthetic ATF Multi-Vehicle DEXRON®-VI is formulated for General Motors automatic transmissions for Model Year 2006 and newer.1 It is the latest generation technology approved for use by General Motors in automatic transmissions and automatic transaxles where a DEXRON-VI fluid is specified. It is suitable for most modern 6+ speed transmissions (refer to owner's manual).

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    Havoline Synthetic ATF Multi-Vehicle DEXRON-VI delivers value through:

    • Warranty coverage as an officially approved General Motors fluid
    • Backward compatibility with all previous General Motors DEXRON recommendations
    • Minimized inventory cost by having one premium ATF that can be used for the vast majority of modern automatic transmissions on the road today, without the need for supplemental additives or top treats
    • Maximum equipment life with an advanced formula that protects against wear, corrosion, and the formation of lacquers, sludge or other harmful deposits
    • Extended drain intervals because of improved oxidation resistance
    • Improved fuel economy relative to conventional fluids because of lower viscous drag


    Havoline Synthetic ATF Multi-Vehicle DEXRON-VI is formulated with high purity synthetic base stocks. It is designed to maintain its viscosity through excellent oxidation stability and use of long lasting viscosity modifiers. General Motors tests have shown DEXRONVI fluids have more than twice the durability and stability in friction tests compared to standard DEXRON-III fluids. This will help ensure consistent and smooth shift performance, even under extreme driving conditions. Extensive validation testing by General Motors has shown DEXRON-VI to be significantly better than previous DEXRON fluids in nearly every performance area.

    Havoline Synthetic ATF Multi-Vehicle DEXRON-VI:

    • Maintains friction control for smooth, consistent shifting and protection against shudder
    • Operates well over a wide temperature range
    • Promotes sufficient viscosity at high temperatures with minimal shear-down
    • Protects gears, bearings, clutch plates, seals, bushings and other components from wear and degradation
    • Resists foaming and thereby promotes outstanding operability and long equipment life