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Chevron Clarity Machine Oil 150

Chevron Clarity® Machine Oil 150 is a circulating oil for use in industrial equipment such as gear boxes, calender stack bearings and crown control rolls.

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    Chevron Clarity Machine Oil 150 is formulated with high quality base oils.

    Their ashless extreme pressure additive packages include rust, oxidation, and foam inhibitors. Their outstanding oxidation stability minimizes deposit formation.

    They have gear oil EP characteristics to minimize wear, and yet do not contain corrosive active sulfur additives. Their ashless formulation facilitates reclaiming and recycling of circulating oils.

    They have excellent water separating ability (demulsibility), and exceptional wet filterability with fine porosity oil filters, as demonstrated by the Pall Filterability Test.


    Clarity® Machine Oil ISO 150 is formulated to meet the critical demands of circulating systems in industrial equipment. These systems expose the lubricant to a broad range of operating temperatures which hasten oxidation. Clarity Machine Oils have good tolerance to contamination with water, oxidation byproducts and other particles. Clarity Machine Oils are able to have a long lubricant life in spite of these contaminants and still do an outstanding job of keeping the circulating oil system clean and lubricating the many plain and anti- friction bearings associated with this complex high speed equipment.


    Clarity Machine Oils are recommended for use in circulating systems of industrial equipment as well as gear boxes, including wet-end systems, dryer bearings, and calender stacks in paper machine systems. Clarity Machine Oils have been used successfully in the lubrication of many types of paper machine equipment including Valmet, Beloit, and Voith Sulzer paper machine equipment.

    In addition, Clarity Machine Oil 150 provides excellent filtration performance in the Pall Filterability Test using low micron filters.

    Clarity Machine Oils 150 may be used as AGMA EP Oils 4, 5, 6 and 7, respectively, for back-side gears and enclosed gear drives.