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Chevron Handy Oil 15

Chevron Handy Oil is a highly refined, light-bodied, multipurpose lubricating oil.

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    It contains an oxidation inhibitor to improve its natural stability and prevent the formation of gums and varnishes. This provides an effective rust preventive film on metal surfaces assuring long equipment life. It is fortified with the finest available rust and corrosion inhibitors to prevent fingerprints or rust on very fine metal finishes such as firearms, precision tools, etc. Chevron Handy Oil contains an effective oiliness additive to increase the lubricating ability on small clearance, precision equipment.

    Chevron Handy Oil has excellent thermal and oxidation stability due to its high degree of refinement.


    Chevron Handy Oil was developed for the lubrication of small electric motors, such as those used in household appliances like sewing machines. It is also used for office equipment, garden tools, door hinges and locks.

    Sportsmen find many uses for Chevron Handy Oil, including lubrication of firearms of all types, fishing equipment, and as a protective coating on knife blades.

    The low pour point of Chevron Handy Oil makes it an excellent hydraulic oil at very low temperatures.

    The low viscosity of Chevron Handy Oil limits its use to relatively small types of equipment, not including heavy, shock-loaded machinery. It is an excellent low pressure (<1000 psi) hydraulic fluid.

    Chevron Handy Oil is approved by the Cornell Pump Company for use as a barrier oil in low temperature, liquid ammonia pumps.