Chevron Rando

Chevron Rando HD Premium Oil MV

Rando® HD Premium Oil MV is a versatile multiviscosity lubricant designed to give robust protection to hydraulic pumps.

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    Rando HD Premium Oil MV delivers value through:

    • High oxidation stability — Long service life in high pressure service.

    • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion — Gives excellent protection against corrosion of both copper and steel. Passes the ASTM D665A distilled water rust test and ASTM D665B salt water rust test.

    • High viscosity index — Minimum change in viscosity over wide operating temperatures.


    The multiviscosity feature of Rando HD Premium Oil MV promotes even and continuous power transmission over a wide temperature range with a minimum of shudder.

    Hydraulic systems, due to the nature of their operation, experience accelerated wear unless they are protected by clean, high quality antiwear hydraulic oils.

    Surging pressures in pumps and valves can increase metal-to-metal contact unless antiwear protection is present. The antiwear additives in Rando HD Premium Oil MV plate out on the metal surfaces and minimize the metal-to-metal contact that is most severe in vane-, piston-, and gear-type pumps.


    Rando HD Premium Oil MV is recommended for hydraulic or circulating oil systems, including marine on-deck machinery, hydraulic actuated loading bins, or hydraulic equipment that require a wider operating temperature as compared to a single viscosity grade oil. Refer to the service manual of the equipment to ensure that the minimum fluid viscosity requirements are met at the highest operating temperature. Please consult with your equipment manufacturer if equipment is operating outside normal operating conditions.

    Rando HD Premium Oil MV meets the requirements of:

    • ASTM D6158, D6158 HV
    • Bosch Rexroth former specification RE 90220-01
    • DIN 51524-3, HVLP
    • ISO 6743-4 HV
    • Fives Cincinnati (formerly MAG Cincinnati, Cin Machine, Cin Milacron) P-68
    • Vickers M-2950S, I-286