Chevron Rando

Chevron Rando WM 32

Rando WM 32 is a high performance multigrade hydraulic fluid designed for use in both wind turbine systems and a wide range of other applications, where optimum protection is required under severe operating conditions.

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    Rando WM 32 hydraulic fluid is formulated with reliable low temperature fluidity and a high viscosity index (VI) offering a wide operating temperature window. Rando WM 32 complies with Swedish Standard SS 15 54.34 AAV 32.


    • Vestas Wind Systems 0000-2843
    • Vickers M-2950S, I-286


    • ISO 6743/4 HV
    • DIN 51 524/3, HVLP
    • Swedish Standard SS15 54 34 AAV 32