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Delo Gear ESI SAE 80W-90

API: GL-5, GL-4, MT-1
Delo® Gear ESI® are premium grade automotive gear lubricants designed for gears operating under severe temperature and load conditions, and whose SAE 80W-90 viscosity grade offers extended-drain performance comparable to leading synthetics.

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    Delo Gear ESI deliver value through:

    • Minimal wear — Delo Gear ESI are formulated to promote long life for gears, bearings, and seals.
    • Seal compatibility — Seal materials are not adversely affected by Delo Gear ESI at temperatures as high as 163°C (325°F).
    • Low operating temperatures — Unique additive chemistry minimizes friction resulting in cool operating temperatures.
    • Long lubricant life — The outstanding thermal and oxidation stability characteristics of Delo Gear ESI allow for optimal drain intervals which may result in lubricant savings.
    • Fuel savings — The remarkable low friction properties of this product contribute to minimal energy consumption.
    • Compatibility — Compatible with conventional sulfur-phosphorus and synthesized hydrocarbon based lubricants.


    Delo Gear ESI are premium grade automotive gear lubricants.

    They are formulated with ISOSYN® Technology and compounded with a unique extreme pressure additive utilizing an inorganic borate compound. They also contain a patented, synergistic combination of additives that protect against wear, seizure, oxidation, corrosion, rust, and foam.

    Delo Gear ESI are ideally suited for gear sets exposed to extremely high temperatures and loads.

    Tests have proven that Delo Gear ESI provide a wear protection film 3 to 5 times thicker than the conventional sulfur-phosphorus antiwear film. The inorganic borate film is composed of compounds that do not react with metal. The film forms promptly to provide exceptional gear protection and maximum thermal stability. By minimizing friction, cool operating temperatures have been observed.


    These lubricants are excellent automotive gear lubricants, particularly those operating under severe temperature and load conditions. They provide excellent wear control even in the presence of small amounts of water. Their exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, and antiwear performance promote long gear life and optimal drain intervals.

    Delo Gear ESI SAE 80W-90 was field tested in more than 100 on-highway, Class 8 trucks with drain intervals of 500,000 to 750,000 miles. The product showed excellent field results in axles manufactured by Dana, Meritor, and Mack. It is approved for the extended drain specifications of both Meritor and Mack.

    Delo® Gear ESI®:

    • meet the performance requirements of API Service Categories GL-4, GL-5, and MT-1
    • are qualified for SAE J2360 (formerly known as MIL-PRF-2105E)
    • are approved for Meritor TP-9539 up to 500,000 mile initial and service fill (refer to manufacturer’s recommendations for extended drain lubricants)
    • SAE 80W-90 is approved for Mack GO-J PLUS up to 500,000 mile initial and service fill (refer to manufacturer’s recommendations for extended drain lubricants)