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Petra Diesel System Cleaner 16oz

Deposits can accumulate in diesel-powered engines due to low quality or unadditized fuels and from certain types of driving patterns. This can lead to poor drivability, loss of power, lowered fuel economy, dirty fuel system, decreased acceleration and exhaust valve sticking. Petra Diesel Fuel System Cleaner can prevent and eliminate these problems. Petra Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is specifically formulated to address these problems by removing engine deposits, restore flow to fuel injectors and increase power and performance. It also aids in reducing emissions, is catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe and helps improve fuel economy.

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    Advantages & Uses:

    • Removes engine deposits
    • Restores flow to fuel injectors
    • Increases engine power and performance


    • Reduces emissions
    • Improves power
    • Improves drivability by helping reduce surging, stumbling, hesitation, stalling and rough idling
    • Helps improve acceleration
    • Rust and corrosion protection of vehicle fuel system and diesel distribution system
    • Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe
    • Improves fuel economy