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Chevron Soluble Oil B

Chevron Soluble Oil B is used broadly in machine shops as a multifunctional cutting fluid. It is primarily formulated to cool and lubricate the contact point of the tool and the work piece.

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    Chevron Soluble Oil B delivers value through:

    • Minimal separation — Excellent emulsion even with hard water
    • Good rust protection for steel work and machined parts even when water/oil emulsion ratios are 80:1
    • Cooling maximized by metal wetting. In addition, promotes good chip settling.
    • Helps prevent rusting or corrosion of the machined metals
    • Helps control the growth of bacteria — which is a constant problem in soluble oil circulating systems due to outside contamination
    • Minimizes surface foaapplications


    Chevron Soluble Oil B is recommended for metals (except magnesium) where maximum cooling is desired — particularly when cutting with carbon, high speed steel, or tungsten carbide tools.

    Chevron Soluble Oil B is used extensively in milling, drilling, gear cutting, turning, planing, shaping, sawing, and grinding operations.

    Emulsions of soluble metalworking fluids and water may become contaminated with harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus, which can cause illness and infection. This can occur even in emulsions with fluids that initially contain some biocide because the biocide can be depleted during service. A metalworking fluid maintenance program should be followed in order to control this hazard. Such a program may require the use of biocides.