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Summit NGP 100 Series gas compressor oils are made specifically for natural gas rotary screw compressors. NGP is tailor-made for gas compressor applications.  It is not simply an R&O oil developed for general purpose lubrication put into gas compressor service. Both synthetics and petroleum based oils have their place in gas compressor applications. Consult with Summit’s Gas Compressor Specialist to find out which product is right for your application.

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    Summit NGP Series compressor oils are formulated from highly refined paraffinic petroleum base stocks and the unique additive Syntholate. The refining process includes catalytic hydrogenation to remove impurities, M.E.K. solvent dewaxing to provide low pour points and vacuum distillation to assure low vapor pressure. Summit NGP Series lubricants with Syntholate pay for themselves with the first lubricant change. The addition of Syntholate inhibits the formation of varnish and carbon and provides superior thermal and oxidative stability. Utilizing the superior petroleum base stocks fortified with Syntholate extends the life of Summit NGP Series lubricants compared to that of conventional mineral oils and provides the following money saving benefits: Reduces lubricant consumption - Extended drain intervals and lower vapor pressures reduce lubricant consumption;  Reduces maintenance - Reduces carbon and varnish formation thus extending the time interval between overhauls; Excellent lubricity - Provides improved wear protection for bearings and other moving parts; Good compatibility - The base stocks and special additive package provide excellent compatibility with system components and inhibit against hydrogen sulfide corrosion; Improves safety - Higher flash points provide a greater margin of safety.