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Summit PGS 150

Summit PGS Series synthetic gas compressor oils are polyglycol-based products for use in enclosed gear, bearings, and compressors where conditions demand the unique properties of these fluids.

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    Better wear protection, thermal and oxidation stability, and reduced sludge and deposit formation insure enhanced performance when compared to petroleum-based lubricants. When used in gas compression applications, the resistance to thinning out by hydrocarbon dilution allows PGS to maintain the proper operating viscosity, extending drain intervals and parts life. As the PGS lubricants are incompatible with petroleum oils, care should also be taken to make sure the two are not mixed.

    PGS Series synthetic gas compressor oils are built specifically for use in enclosed gears, bearings, and natural gas compressors, but it can also be use in other applications. Due to the varying make-up of gases and operating temperatures, please contact Summit for specific product recommendations.