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Mobilux EP 023

obilux EP 023 is a high performance, general-purpose industrial semi-fluid greases. Mobilux EP 023 is a lithium hydroxystearate grease that is formulated to provide extra protection against wear, rusting and water washout. Mobilux EP 023 grease is recommended for most types of industrial applications including heavy-duty applications where high unit pressures or shock loads are present. This grease provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion and resist water wash-out which makes it particularly suitable for equipment where moist or wet conditions are common. Mobilux EP 023 is particularly suitable for the lubrication of enclosed gears and bearings in poorly sealed gear cases they can also be used in many other industrial applications where conventional gear oils cannot be retained in gear cases, chain cases, etc. because of leakage due to worn or missing seals. The recommended operating temperature range is -15 to 120ºC for Mobilux EP 023.

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