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Petra Oil System Cleaner 12oz

Petra Oil System Cleaner is manufactured to create a safe and effective engine cleaning product. The formulation was designed to be used in conjunction with preventative engine maintenance. The gentle combination of Petroleum Distillates and hydro treated light naphthenic oil provides a common carrier for a solvent designed for the specific purpose of dissolving carbon and other resulting effects from burning oil and fuel in the automobile (passenger vehicle). This highly refined mineral oil, additive and physical appearance dye product will advance the effectiveness of the PMO by reducing toxin content.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Petra Oil System Cleaner is a fluid intended for the sole purpose of engine cleaning. The product can be used in conjunction with all motor oils and will not impact the chemical make-up of the fluids used after this product in any significant manner.

    This product is safe for all OEM combustion system and diesel engines.

    Advantages & Uses:

    • Dissolves sludge (gelled oil) which is a common result from high temperatures, moisture and the eventual breakdown of motor oil and additives found in PMO under normal driving conditions
    • Maintain cleaner heads, oil passage ways, seals and gaskets along with other critical engine components for optimal engine performance
    • Prevention of excessive build up creating blockage and leaks that can lead to mechanical failures


    • Clear to Amber liquid
    • Easy pour in application
    • Contains no alcohol or water
    • Will not degrade any mechanical parts
    • Will not leave residue or contaminants in crankcase