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Petro Canada Traxon E Synthetic 75W-90

API: GL-5, MT-1
Petro-Canada TRAXON Synthetic is recommended for year-round use and for extreme cold temperature conditions in many manual transmissions, differentials, power take off units and final drives found on passenger cars, trucks, and off-highway vehicles used in construction, farm, forestry and mining operations. Consult owners manual for type and grade needed.

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    TRAXON Synthetic is recommended for most oil lubricated universal joints, wheel bearings, planetary gear sets, steering gears and certain industrial gear reducers requiring GL-3, GL-4, or GL-5 oils.

    Due to specific lubrication requirements TRAXON Synthetic must not be used in:

    • Automatic Transmissions
    • Powershift Transmissions
    • Hydrostatic drives and systems that include the lubrication of wet clutches and brakes
    • Manual Transaxles on front wheel drive vehicles where an automatic transmission fluid or engine oil is specified
    • Spicer Manual Transmissions where single grade engine oils are specified
    • Not for use in specific manual transmissions where you must use an API GL-4 rated oil only and a GL-5/MT-1 oil is not acceptable