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Phillips 66 Multipurpose R&O Oil 150

Phillips 66® Multipurpose R&O Oil 150 is a rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited, antiwear circulating oil developed for use in circulation systems, centrifugal air compressors, geared turbines, lightly loaded enclosed gear drives and many other industrial applications. It contains a low level of ashless (zinc-free) antiwear additive for mild wear protection.

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    Multipurpose R&O Oil 150 is formulated to provide protection against rust, corrosion and deposit formation, plus mild wear protection. It has good oxidation resistance at high temperatures to minimize sludge and varnish formation, resulting in long service life. It protects system components against rust and corrosion. It has excellent waterseparating properties to minimize the formation of emulsions, and is resistant to excessive foam buildup that can interfere with proper lubrication. An ashless antiwear additive provides mild wear protection to help increase equipment life.


    • Air tools and other pneumatic equipment lubricated through air line lubricators
    • Centrifugal air compressors
    • Steam turbines and hydroelectric turbines, both direct-drive and with gear drives
    • Lightly loaded enclosed industrial gear drives where the OEM specifi es a R&O type oil (ISO VG 68 and higher, typically)
    • Lightly loaded plain and rolling-element bearings, such as those in electric motors and blowers

    Multipurpose R&O Oil 150 meets the requirements of the following industry and OEM specifications:

    • ABB G12106
    • AGMA Grades 0 through 7 (non-EP)
    • Alstom Power HTGD 90 117 for geared turbines
    • British Standard 489
    • Denison Hydraulics HF-1
    • DIN 51517 Part 2, Lubricating Oils, Type CL
    • DIN 51524 Part 1, Hydraulic Oils, Type HL
    • General Electric GEK 101941A, GEK 46506e, GEK 27070 (obsolete), GEK 28143A (obsolete)
    • Ingersoll-Rand Centak centrifugal compressors
    • Solar Turbines ES 9-224 Class II Turbine Oil
    • U.S. Military MIL-L-17672D
    • U.S. Steel 126