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Precision XL 3 Moly EP2


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    Introduction Petro-Canada PRECISION™ greases are premium performance, long life multi-application greases formulated to reduce operating costs and provide long service protection over a wide range of operating temperatures. PRECISION XL greases are formulated with Petro-Canada Hydro-treated base oils and other selected oils, water-resistant adhesive polymers, extreme pressure additives and inhibitors against oxidation and corrosion. PRECISION Synthetic greases are formulated with synthetic fluids and performance additives for applications over a wider temperature range. The resulting products outperform leading competitive greases by offering longer life at high operating temperatures, better adhesion and excellent load carrying capacity. The outstanding performance of PRECISION XL and PRECISION Synthetic results in lower operating costs by reducing the re-greasing frequency, providing longer equipment protection and reducing maintenance costs to the customer. Features and Benefits Protection Advantage • Long life under high temperature provides long-lasting equipment protection. • PRECISION Synthetic, PRECISION XL EP1 and EP2 perform better than many of the leading competitive premium multiapplication products by lasting 2-3 times longer in the ASTM D3527test.

    Features and Benefits Continued Protection Advantage • Low water washout requiring less re-greasing and maintenance. • PRECISION Synthetic and PRECISION XL EP2’s effective water washout resistance can reduce maintenance costs in wet environments. Protection Advantage • High mechanical stability in severe operating conditions. • PRECISION Synthetic, PRECISION XL EP1 and EP2 can also lower maintenance costs as a result of reduced product breakdowns under low tomoderately high shear conditions.

    State of the art formulations • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion. • Prevents scoring or spalling under high loads. • Reduces friction and wear. • Provides corrosion protection. • Seals bearings from water and contaminants. • Resists leakage, dripping and throw-off. • Resists change in consistency during service. • Maintains mobility under various conditions.


    Petro-Canada PRECISION Greases are formulated to provide protection covering a wide range of applications especially where severe operating conditions exist. PRECISION greases are recommended for a full range of automotive and industrial applications, including: • Fleet • Agriculture • Mining • Marine • General Manufacturing • Power Generation • Forestry • Automotive • Construction • Rail Lines • Pulp & Paper • Steel Mills

    PRECISION GENERAL PURPOSE MOLY EP2 PRECISION General Purpose Moly EP2 contains up to 2% Graphite & Molybdenum Disulphide solids. It is recommended for heavy duty applications in industrial machinery or off-highway equipment where shock loading is encountered. Operating range is -20°C to 135°C (-4°F to 275°F).