Protex Diesel EGR Rince 12x32oz

PROTEX by BARDAHL® Diesel EGR Cleaner™ & Diesel EGR Rinse™ is a 2-step process designed to clean EGR valves, turbochargers, intake manifolds, EGR coolers and DPF / Catalysts. The cleaner solution is a water based concentrated detergent for diesel engines. It is formulated to remove soot and hard deposits from the EGR valves, turbochargers, intake manifolds, EGR coolers and DPF/Catalysts. The rinse is a water based solution and is designed to be used after the cleaner to remove any cleaning residue or remaining deposits and to coat all metal surfaces with a rust inhibitor.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Complete Service that Safely and Efficiently Removes Soot and Carbon from Diesel EGR Systems

    • Restores proper EGR valve operation
    • Loosens sticking variable vane turbochargers
    • Removes blockages in EGR and exhaust systems, including the DPF / Catalyst
    • Cleans entire induction system including intake valves and combustion chambers
    • Restores power, improves performance and increases fuel economy
    • Safe for use with all diesel emission control systems, including DPF’s and catalytic converters