Shell Quaker State

Quaker State Ultimate Durability Synthetic 5W30

SAE Grade: SAE 5W30
Quaker State Ultimate Durability Synthetic 5W-30 motor oil is the best of the Quaker State products. Offering More Fuel Economy, More Wear Protection, More Engine Life, and More Performance, Quaker State Ultimate Durability motor oil is specially formulated to protect today's sophisticated engines.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Performance, Features & Benefits

    • More fuel economy, saving an average of 5 cents per gallon of gas with the help of a fuel saving additive that keeps the oil fresh
    • More protection, no leading synthetic motor oil provides better protection from friction-related wear
    • More engine life, as your engine temperature increases, heat-activated viscosity improvers and anti-wear additives kick-in to maintain oil thickness to help extend engine life
    • More performance, excellent lubrication in freezing temperatures
    • Improved resistance to engine stress at high engine speeds or under heavy loads
    • Superior resistance to thermal and viscosity breakdown
    • Excellent protection against the formation of sludge and other harmful deposits

    Main Applications

    The unique properties of Quaker State Ultimate Durability full synthetic motor oil are especially apparent in the following applications:

    • European vehicles
    • Technologically advanced engines
    • New and older vehicles, especially high performance vehicles such as sport cars, SUVs, trucks and minivans
    • Vehicles driven in extreme temperatures
    • Compatible with biofuels ranging from E10 to E85 and suitable for hybrid vehicles

    Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

    • Chrysler MS-6395
    • GM 6094M, ,4718M, dexos1™ (license GB1C1024014)
    • Ford WSS-M2C929-A, WSS-M2C946-A
    • Honda/Acura HTO-06

    Exceeds the requirements of the following industry specifications:

    • API SN and all previous categories
    • ILSAC GF-5