Red Line Red Line

Red Line Synthetic Euro-Series 5W30

SAE Grade: SAE 5W30
API: Dexos, SN, CF
  • Recommended for ACEA C3, VW AUDI 504.00/507.00, BMW Longlife-04, Porsche C30, GM dexos2®, MB 229.31/229.51 and Chrysler MS-11106
  • Designed for the extended drain intervals and fuel economy of the latest European gasoline and diesel engines, including VW TDI models and BMW 3-series diesels
  • Includes the appropriate levels of anti-wear additives and low ash content to ensure compatibility with the latest diesel particulate filters and emissions equipment
  • Ester based, an upgrade over base stocks over other motor oils for these vehicles that provides additional protection against wear and instability at high temps

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    Detailed Product Description

    Suitable replacement for:

    • ACEA C3
    • VW 504.00/507.00
    • BMW LL-04
    • MB 229.31/229.51
    • GM dexos2®
    • Porsche C30
    • Chrysler MS-11106