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Spirax S4 ATF HDX

Donax TX is a superior quality automatic transmission fluid suitable for heavy duty automotive transport and passenger car transmissions.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Based on Shell XHVI synthetic base fluid, Donax TX is the ultimate performance automatic transmission fluid allowing extended drain intervals even under the most severe conditions.


    • Automotive automatic transmissions
    • Automotive hydraulic systems
    • Power steering
    • Certain manual transmissions

    Performance Features and Benefits

    • Shell XHVI base oil technology
    • Excellent shift feeling
    • Extremely low temperature fluidity
    • Shear stability
    • Wear protection
    • Maximum oil drain interval potential
    • High temperature oxidation stability

    Specification and Approvals

    Ford MERCON
    General Motors Allison C-4
    ZF TE-ML 04D-09-14B-16L-17C
    Voith 55.6336 (ex G 1363)
    MB 236.9

    339 Typ Z2
    339 Typ V2
    Fulfils GM former IIIG specification