Shell Mysella

Shell Mysella Oil 40

SAE Grade: SAE 40
Shell Mysella Oils are heavy-duty premium quality ash-free oils designed specifically for lubrication of high performance gas engines which require an “ashless” oil. Formulated with select base oils and a Shell developed ashless additive system, they provide excellent cleanliness and minimum wear. Shell Mysella Oils minimize combustion chamber and exhaust port deposits while minimizing oil viscosity increase.

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    Detailed Product Description


    • two-cycle and four-cycle stationary natural gas and LP gas fueled engines used in:
    • gas transmission and compression
    • total energy plants
    • electric power generation
    • irrigation pumping service
    • stationary gas engines such as:

    • Allis-Chalmers
    • Caterpillar (except 3400, 3500, 3600)
    • Clark
    • Climax
    • Colt-Fairbanks Morse
    • Copper Bessemer (2-Cycle)
    • Dresser-Rand Category I and II
    • International-Harvester
    • Waukesha
    • Ajax
    • White Superior naturally aspirated
    • Worthington (2-Cycle)

    Note: LPG engines in mobile service typically require API SJ or similar quality level motor oils


    • Dresser-Rand for use in their Category I and Category II engines