Shell Rotella

Shell Rotella T3 NG 15W-40

SAE Grade: SAE 15W40
Shell Rotella T3 NG Energized Protection™ oil uses tailored combinations of high performance additives to ensure that the oil adapts and protects under the range of pressures and temperatures found in compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled engines. Shell Rotella T3 NG oil is suitable for mobile applications like buses and trucks fitted with engines designed to run on 100% CNG and LNG.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Performance, Features & Benefits

    Good piston and engine cleanliness
    ·Optimized balance of detergency and dispersancy provides good piston and engine cleanliness ensuring long and efficient engine operation.

    Ignition system protection
    · Optimized formulation with reduced levels of “ash” containing additives to control deposit formation in the combustion chamber to help prolong the life of valves and spark plugs.

    Good wear protection
    · Contains an optimized active anti-wear system that balances the more demanding requirements of on-highway applications (compared to stationary gas engine) with the need to minimize spark plug fouling.

    Main Applications

    Mobile CNG fuelled heavy duty vehicles
    · For buses and trucks fitted with engines designed to run on 100% CNG Shell Rotella T3 NG is suitable.

    Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

    • API : CF
    • Cummins : CES 20074
    • Detroit Diesel : DDC 93K216