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Techron D Concentrate 20oz

Techron® D Concentrate, Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is an ultra-high performance, one-tank cleanup, diesel fuel system cleaner designed for use in diesel pickup truck and passenger car engines. The powerful, patented formulation offers superior deposit cleanup, control and engine protection. Its advanced chemistry promotes the efficient removal of harmful conventional nozzle deposits, as well as internal diesel injector deposits (IDID). It is effective in older engines and the latest generation common-rail diesel engines, and offers highly effective performance when used with mineral diesel or biodiesel fuels blends.

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    Techron D Concentrate, Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is uniquely designed to be a one-tank cleanup solution that will clean diesel injectors and keep them performing like new. It can be used with all types of diesel fuel including ultra-low sulfur diesel, bio diesel and bio diesel blends.


    One 20-oz. bottle of Techron D Concentrate, Diesel Fuel System Cleaner treats up to 35 gallons of diesel fuel every 3,000 miles (not recommended for gasoline engines).

    Techron D Concentrate, Diesel Fuel System Cleaner:

    • Will not harm after treatment devices such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)
    • Complies with the federal low-sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles
    • Is effective in conventional as well as biodiesel blend fuels