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Petra Diesel Power 12oz

Petra Diesel Power is a premium Diesel Fuel made from special additives and aromatic hydrocarbons. It is a proprietary blend of detergents, corrosion inhibitors, lubricity improvers, stabilizers, cetane improver and winter operability additives.

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    Petra Diesel Power is especially suitable for modern diesel vehicles both automotive and heavy duty. The product also works well in older vehicles. It is advisable that Diesel Power be added while the fuel is a minimum of 10 degrees above the fuel’s cloud point. Recommended at a treat rate of 12 oz for every 50 gallons of Fuel


    • Helps prevent development of Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID) on clean injectors
    • Can improve cetane number by up to 2 cetane numbers
    • Can improve low temperature operability by reducing cold filter plugging point
    • Prevents rust and corrosion on injectors
    • Meets the performance requirements of the traditional Cummins L10 Superior and clean up performance