Exxon Mobil

Mobil Pegasus 505 SAE 40

SAE Grade: SAE 40
Mobil Pegasus 505 SAE 40 oils combat corrosive wear in cylinders and bearings by neutralising acids. They will also minimize wear of rings, liners and bearings and will help curtail wear in valve seats of turbocharged, four-cycle gas engines.

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    • Crankcases and power cylinders of spark-ignited two- and four-cycle gas engines
    • Highly loaded 4-cycle engines requiring anti-scuff protection
    • Reciprocating compressor cylinders compressing natural gas
    • High output naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines
    • Recommended for engines requiring 0.5% sulfated ash
    • Has been successfully used in:
      • Caterpillar
      • Dresser Rand
      • Fairbanks- Morse
      • Superior
      • Waukesha
      • Worthington