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Red Line GL-5 Gear Oil 75W-85

API: GL-5, MT-1
Red Line GL-5 Gear Oil 75W-85 is designed to provide excellent low-temperature characteristics and improved gear protection at higher temperatures.

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    Red Line Gear Oils will reduce differential temperatures 10-70°F. Efficiency improvements between 1-5% are typical. The synthetic base stocks used have tremendous thermal stability and provide the best film strength available. The unique combination of base stocks and additives allow Red Line gear oils to carry higher loads compared to petroleum lubricants. The stability of these products allow them to be used for extended periods. Red Line 75W90 Gear Oil provides excellent protection in nearly all differentials, conventional and limited slip, in both racing and street use. 75W90NS and 75W140NS can be used in certain limited-slip units in racing to lock-up the differential. 80W140 should be used in commercial hauling, problem limited-slip units, racing applications which see tremendous torque at low speeds, and where noise deadening is desired. 75W85 can be used to obtain maximum power transfer in racing differentials which do not see extremely high temperatures and improved efficiency in street differentials. If “chattering” occurs with any of these lubricants, Red Line Limited Slip Friction Modifier can be used to eliminate the stick/slip action and reduce the noise. This additive should not be necessary in the 75W85, 75W90, 75W110, 75W140 or the 80W140 Gear Oils, since they already contain this additive, but in some units more is required. Too much friction modifier can reduce the lockup in limited slip units, so it should only be used if needed.

    • Popular in many late model BMW, Dodge, Focus RS, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz differentials, Toyota light truck, Lexus differentials and transfer cases
    • Contains additional friction modifiers for suitablity with clutch-type limited slip differentials - for most LSDs, no additional friction modifiers are required
    • This product is not designed for use in most manual transmissions or tranaxles with synchronizers, as extreme slipperiness may cause shifting problems
    • Known formerly as LightWeight Gear Oil
    • Also popular in many Formula racing transaxles, including Hewland LD-200 and FTR sequential