Chevron Ursa

Ursa Super Plus SAE 40

SAE Grade: SAE 40
Ursa Super Plus monograde motor oils for use in two and four-cycle gasoline and diesel engines where the appropriate API service category and SAE 40 viscosity grade is specified by the OEM.

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    Detailed Product Description


    Ursa Super Plus monograde heavy duty motor oils deliver value through:

    Managed oil costs — Minimal piston crownland deposits and strong oxidation stability promote low oil consumption.
    Long engine life — resulting from additives that protect highly loaded parts from scuffing and wear optimizing engine overhaul intervals.
    Outstanding engine cleanliness — High detergency provides excellent deposit and sludge control in the piston ring belt area.
    Access to Chevron's lubrication and industry knowledge — Helps maximize your bottom line business results.


    Ursa Super Plus monograde oils are strong performing crankcase oils for older diesel engines requiring SAE 30 or 40 monograde engine oil.

    They are manufactured using selected paraffinic base oils in combination with detergent, dispersant, wear control, antioxidant, corrosion inhibitor and foam suppressant additives.


    Ursa Super Plus monograde oils are ideal for older diesel engines in mixed commercial fleets, farm machinery, construction equipment, marine and other off-highway applications specifying an SAE 30 or 40 monograde engine oil.

    They may also be used in four-cycle gasoline engines where this product is recommended by the OEM.

    Ursa Super Plus meets the requirements of:

    • API Service Categories
      — CF*, CF-2*
    • Detroit Diesel Corporation 2-cycle engine recommendations (71, 92) (SAE 40)