Phillips 66 Triton

Phillips 66 Triton Syngear FE 75W-90

API: GL-5, MT-1
Phillips 66® Triton Syngear FE is a premium quality, synthetic, fuel-effi cient (FE) API GL-5 automotive gear lubricant designed for use in passenger car and truck axles with hypoid gear sets operating in extreme temperatures or under severe driving conditions. It has been specifi cally formulated to provide improved fuel economy compared to typical mineral SAE 80W-90 or synthetic SAE 75W-90 gear oils.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Triton Syngear FE is formulated to provide long service life, extended gear life and better fuel economy in automotive differentials operating under varying conditions of speed, load, temperature and torque. The carefully balanced formulation is designed to minimize oxidative sludge and varnish formation, reduce wear, prevent scoring damage, and protect against metal fatigue and spalling damage under shock-load conditions. The full-synthetic formulation provides enhanced oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures and better lowtemperature properties compared with conventional mineral oil-based automotive gear oils, resulting in longer service intervals and better performance over a wider temperature range. In standard industry and commercial fl eet tests, this product has shown a fuel savings of 1.0-1.5% compared to typical synthetic SAE 75W-90 gear oils.

    Triton Syngear FE is fully approved for 500,000-mile drain intervals in drive axles in linehaul service under Dana®/Eaton® Roadranger® or extended warranties.


    • Service fi ll of conventional differentials in passenger cars and trucks
    • Top-off only of limited-slip differentials in passenger cars and light trucks(1)
    • Service fi ll of differentials, fi nal drives and transfer cases in some off-highway equipment
    • Non-synchronized manual transmissions in trucks, buses and heavy equipment where the manufacturer specifi es an API GL-5 or MT-1 gear oil (1)

    Note: For complete drain and refi ll, many limited-slip differentials may require the manufacturer’s specifi ed gear lubricant or supplemental additive. Refer to the owner’s manual for specifi c requirements.

    Triton Syngear FE meets or exceeds the requirements of:

    • API Service GL-5, MT-1
    • International (Navistar) TMS 6816
    • Mack GO-J Plus
    • Meritor O76-N
    • MIL-PRF-2105E
    • SAE J2360

    Triton Syngear FE is approved for service fill under the following OEM specifications:

    • Dana SHAES-256 Rev C, SHAES-429


    • Extended drain, all-season performance
    • Outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability to minimize sludge and varnish formation
    • Excellent thermal durability and extreme-pressure properties for extended gear life
    • High load-carrying capacity for protection against scuffing and wear
    • High shear stability
    • Outstanding low-temperature properties
    • Protects against rust and corrosion
    • Good foam resistance
    • Higher fuel efficiency compared to typical conventional SAE 80W-90 and synthetic SAE 75W-90 gear oils