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Shell Gadus S3 V460D 2

Shell Gadus S3 V460D 2 greases are high performance high temperature greases for slow moving heavily loaded large bearings subject to shock loads. They are based on high viscosity index mineral oil and a lithium complex soap thickener. Apart from containing the latest additives to ensure excellent high temperature, anti corrosion & anti oxidation performance, they also contain solids to ensure the grease can handle shock loads.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Shell Gadus S3 V460D greases are used for the grease lubrication of heavy-duty, slow moving bearings subject to shock loads found in the following industries:

    • Mining
    • Steel

    Shell Gadus S3 V460D is listed by several leading OEMs:

    • Komatsu Mining (Germany)
    • Terex
    • BE (certified)
    • Dieffenbacher
    • Konecranes
    • CMI
    • Flat Products Equipment
    • Pfeiffer
    • Voith Paper Environmental
    • Rothe Erde

    Performance, Features & Benefits

    • High base oil viscosity to provide excellent load carrying performance
    • Excellent mechanical stability even under vibrating conditions
    • Enhanced extreme-pressure properties & resistant to shock loads
    • Excellent water resistance
    • Effective corrosion protection
    • High dropping point