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Delo 1000 Marine 40

SAE Grade: SAE 40
Delo 1000 Marine SAE 40W is a high-performance, medium-alkaline, diesel engine oil for medium- and high-speed trunk piston diesel engines.

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    Delo 1000 Marine delivers value through:

    • Wear protection — Protects against corrosive combustion products and minimizes wear on all moving engine components. Provides excellent protection for cams, camshaft and bearings.
    • Detergent/Dispersant Properties — Keeps crankcases and oil control rings clean. Reduces deposit formation particularly in the ring belt area and reduces lube oil filter blockage. Effectively handles insolubles.
    • Oxidation stability — Oxidation inhibitors protect the oil against high thermal stresses, protect engine parts from corrosion and reduce undercrown deposits, while promoting extended lubricant life.


    Delo 1000 Marine is blended from high-quality base oils and selected additives that protect the oil from oxidation and provide excellent detergency and dispersancy.


    Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer's recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer's maintenance practices.