SCL Olympus

Olympus THF Red

Olympus THF Red is manufactured from premium high VI paraffinic base stocks that are fortified with inhibitors to help prevent rusting, foaming, oxidation, chatter, and wear. Other additives are used to protect rubber seals from excessive swelling or shrinking. Special friction modifiers are added to insure the proper operation of wet brakes and clutches.
Olympus THF Redwas developed for use in tractors and other farm implements having combination transmission, differential, wet brake and hydraulic compartment.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Reduced inventory – one product for many uses.
    Reduces wear in gears and bearings.
    Stops excessive chatter and grabbing.
    Prevents sludge formation in control valves.
    Anti-wear protects pumps and gear.
    Low pour means good response at low temperatures.
    Friction modifier protects wet brakes and clutches.

    Typical Uses:
    Recommended for:
    Deutz-Allis: 25743, 257541 & 246634 Hydra Trans Fluid
    Denison HF-0, HF-1 & HF-2.
    J.I. Case-JIC 143,144,145(TCH Fluid), 185(TSD Fluid), MS 1204,1205,1206(Powergard PFT), 1207(Hy-Tran Plus), 1210.
    John Deere:J20C,J20D,J14(A/B/CJDT303),J20(A/B,Hy-Gard), J2.1 A & J27(10W or 30).
    Ford/New Holland M2C134-A/B/C/D, M2C86 A/B/C, M2C77-A, M2C53-A, M2C48-B/C, M2C41-B.
    International Harvester B-5, B-6 (Hy-Tran).
    Kubota UDT Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid.
    Massey-Fergusson M-1110, M-1127A & B, M-1129A (Permatran), M-1135 (Permatran III), M-1139, 114, 1143, & 1145.
    Oliver: Type 55, Type 5J, & Q 1802.
    Renk: Bus Automatic Trans Fluid.
    Steiger: HydraTrans Fluid.
    Sundstrand Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid.
    White Q-1705, 1722, 1766, 1766B(UTHF), 1802, & 1826
    Allison C-4.C-3.
    API GL-4.
    Caterpillar TO-2.
    Volvo, VME, VCE, (inc.latest Wet-Brake requirements).
    ZF TE-ML-03 and TE-ML-06.
    Also meets OEMs such as Deutz, Fiat-Hesseton, Sauer Sunstrand/Danfoss, Versatile, Sperry Vickers/Eaton (I-280S & M2950s)