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Chevron Cylinder Oil W 460

Chevron Cylinder Oil W 460 is recommended for lubrication of compressor cylinders and sliding worm gear surfaces in worm drive gear cases for excellent metal wettability, delivering a protective oil film for maximum protection.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Chevron Cylinder Oils W deliver value through:

    • Excellent metal wettability and high film strength for any moisture condition. •
    • Versatility — Three viscosity grades available to cover the range of steam pressures and temperatures found in industry. •
    • Minimized inventory — Can be used as worm gear lubricants. Meets AGMA compounded lubricant specifications.


    Chevron Cylinder Oils W are designed to meet the needs of emulsifying cylinder oils.

    Chevron Cylinder Oils W help provide excellent metal wettability. The combination of oil emulsibility and metal wetting characteristics result in minimum oil consumption rates and maximum oil lubricity in the presence of wet steam or water.

    The metal wetting helps ensure an effective lubricant film on the cylinder walls and pistons of steam pump, and also provides the oiliness properties which are extremely important in lubricating the sliding worm gear surfaces in worm drive gear cases.


    Compressor manufacturers often recommend cylinder oils for compressor cylinder lubrication. The oiliness of Chevron Cylinder Oils W promotes a metal wetting characteristic that resists the washing action of water and maintains a tenacious oil film on the surface of the compressor cylinder. The low viscosity of Chevron Cylinder Oil W 220 makes it suitable for this application in colder climates.

    Chevron Cylinder Oil W 460 is recommended for moderate service applications where steam pressures will not exceed 150 psi and temperatures vary between 171°C to 204°C (340°F to 400°F).

    Chevron Cylinder Oils W 220, 460, and 680 meet the requirements of ANSI/A GMA 9005-E02 for AGMA Lubricant Numbers 5, 7 Compounded, and 8 Compounded, respectively.