SCL Olympus

Olympus Premium Way Lube ISO 68

ANTI-STICK/SLIP LUBRICANT FOR MACHINE TOOL WAYS - OLYMPUS WAY LUBRICANT is manufactured from high VI paraffinic base oils which have been fortified with oiliness and extreme pressure additives plus a special additive to impart tackiness and adhesiveness necessary to protect ways.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Low coefficient of friction eliminates stick-slip.
    Special additives reduce wear and friction.
    Mild EP additive prevents scoring under heavy loads.
    Special metal wetting agent protects ways from rust.
    Resists water wash off.
    Minimum stray mist.
    Tackiness agent minimizes oil run off and water.
    Improved color.
    Sulfur free.
    Virtually odorless.

    Typical Uses:
    Meets requirements of Cincinnati Milacron Way Oil Specification P53 (ISO VG 32), P47 (ISO VG 68), and P50 (ISO VG 220).
    Recommended for lubricating slides, ways, and carriages on all types of machine tools such as milling machines, grinders, planers, shapers, horizontal honing machines, etc.
    Can be used for lubrication of air operated tools such as jack hammers.
    Commonly used in enclosed reduction gears and worm gears under moderate load conditions.