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Chemetall Tech Cool 35052

Premium Grade, Heavy-Duty, Chlorinated EP, Microemulsion Metalworking Fluid, Designed to Machine and Grind Difficult-to-Machine Materials

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    Detailed Product Description

    Tech Cool® 35052 is a heavy-duty, bio-resistant premium grade microemulsion metal working fluid designed for machining and grinding. Tech Cool 35052 is specifically formulated for those facilities machining aluminum, titanium, inconel and other difficult to machine alloys. Tech Cool 35052 is formulated to provide protection against the growth of bacteria without the use of biocides, DCHA or other secondary amines.

    Tech Cool 35052 is exempt under Rule 1144 of the SCAQMD since flashpoint is > 200°F

    Tech Cool 35052 is recommended for general machining and grinding operations at the following concentrations:

    • Grinding 4 % to 6%
    • Machining 5 % to 12%

    Tech Cool 35052 is safe for use on Stainless Steels, Inconels, Hastalloy, and other ferrous alloys. It is also safe for use on aluminums and aluminum alloys as well as 356 and 380 series cast aluminum.

    Tech Cool 35052 is designed to be mixed directly with water and is suitable for tapping, reaming, sawing, turning, ID and OD grinding or similar operations.