Coolant Advanced+ Test Kit

Antifreeze-Coolant Analysis Test Kit

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    Coolant Advanced+ KitTest Package SCL8

    • pH Meter Measure
    • Freeze Point - Refractometer
    • Glycol
    • Nitrite
    • Boil Point
    • Carboxylate Acid
    • TDS (Total Dissolve Solids)

    Fluid analysis has always proven useful as a pre-warning system for emerging problems. When used properly, it will increase equipment reliability by preventing catastrophic failures. This will decrease unplanned maintenance time and costs for your clients while enabling effective maintenance scheduling.

    The SCL Fluid Analysis Program offers test packages designed for oil, fuel, or coolant. Each kit includes a sealed sampling bottle, an outer sample bottle protective container, and sample identification form.

    The SCL Fluid Analysis Program is easy to implement while providing valuable data that helps drive down the cost of ownership. Test results are available electronically via the SCL website ( and can also be emailed in an easy to understand PDF format.

    Use the website to search for results, create management reports, download data and submit samples to the laboratory. The same login provides access to the ALS Tribology mobile app. This app allows users to receive sample alerts and submit samples using barcode reading technology. Contact your local laboratory or SCL for more information.

    Make sure to take advantage of the SCL Fluid Analysis Program to:

    • Minimize equipment downtime
    • Permit more efficient maintenance scheduling
    • Protect warranty claims
    • Increase equipment resale value
    • Optimize oil drain intervals