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Cashysol MB 50

Soluble, chlorine and formaldehyde releasing agent free metalworking fluid for ferrous and aluminium machining. A multi metal purpose product with good aluminium compatibility and long system life.

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    Castrol Hysol MB 50 is a high performance soluble metal working fluid recommended for machining all grades of aluminum as well as ferrous alloys. Hysol MB 50 provides the performance of heavy duty soluble oils without the unpleasant shop environments and high usage rates of traditional fluids. Hysol MB 50 is chlorine, sulfur and formaldehyde releasing agent free. Its performance can exceed products which contain extreme pressure additives. The tight, stable emulsion of Hysol MB 50 provides extended system life and product stability.

    • Effective wetting properties maintains clean machines and components
    • Stable fluid suitable for a wide range of water conditions
    • Inhibits microbial growth to extend fluid life in central systems and individual sumps
    • Low foaming in varying hardness water conditions
    • Formaldehyde releasing agent free to comply with health and safety regulations
    • Specifically designed to provide superior performance on aerospace and automotive aluminum