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Cassida Grease HDS 2

Synthetic heavy-duty greases for food and beverage processing equipment - CASSIDA GREASE HDS 2 are very high performance heavy-duty lubricants specially developed for the grease lubrication of machinery in the food and beverage processing and packaging industry.

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    They are based on an aluminium complex thickener, synthetic fluids and selected additives chosen for their ability to meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage industry.
    Certified by NSF for ISO 21469 and registered by NSF (Class H1) for use where there is potential for incidental food contact. Produced according to FLT Quality Standards, in facilities where HACCP audit and Good Manufacturing Practice have been implemented and form part of the quality and hygiene management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 21469.


    • Enclosed industrial gearboxes (HDS 00) 
    • Open gears (HDS 00) 
    • Central grease lubrication systems (HDS 00) • Slow and medium speed plain and rolling element bearings (HDS 2) 
    • Heavy loaded and shock loaded applications (HDS 2) 
    • Joints, linkages and slides (HDS 2) 
    • Overhead track systems (HDS 2) 

    CASSIDA GREASES HDS may also be used as protective anti-rust films and as
    release agents on gaskets and seals of tank closures.