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Castrol Dual Range HV 68

Castrol Dual Range HV 68 hydraulic fluids are exceptional multi-viscosity hydraulic fluids that provide proven anti-wear protection coupled with very shear-stable polymers and anti-foam additives for a balanced package.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Castrol Dual Range HV ISO 68 hydraulic fluids have high viscosity indexes and low pour points. This ensures extra pump protection and efficiency in cold-weather starts and provides needed viscosity protection at higher-operating temperatures. These products are dyed purple to facilitate leak detection. High load performance provides the extra measure of protection required in high-load applications such as hydrostatic transmissions and high speed, high pressure hydraulic circuits.

    Exceeds all manufacturer’s warranty requirements for applications requiring a Dennison HF-O approved hydraulic fluid.

    Industry Specifications and OEM Approvals by Grade

    • Denison HF-O, HF-1, HF-2 Approved
    • Vickers 35VQ25A - meets performance requirements
    • Vickers M-2950-S Mobile Hydraulic Systems and I-286-S Industrial Hydraulic Systems
    • Cincinnati Machine P-69 approved
    • Meets Racine S106
    • Meets Joy Mining Machinery HO-T (AW 46), HO-S (AW 68)
    • Meets DIN 51524 Part I, II, II


    • Very shear stable polymers provide universal applications under a wide range of ambient conditions.
      • Excellent viscosity at operating temperatures (particularly under extreme conditions).
    • Less wear promotes longer equipment life and better productivity through maximum hydraulic system efficiency.
    • Excellent vane and piston pump performance that meets major hydraulic pump manufacturers’ requirements.
      • Less failure of hydraulic circuits.
      • Less equipment repair for long term trouble-free service
    • Outstanding hydrolytic stability provides additional protection against corrosion in the presence of water.
    • Systems operate more efficiently, while reducing maintenance costs.
    • Exceptional oxidation and thermal stability provides resistant to thermal degradation in the presence of entrained air and catalyzing metals.
      • Prevents the formation of sludge and varnish deposits during periods of extended high temperature operation.
    • Resistant to the formation of oxidation acids allowing longer pump life, less wear, less down time