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Castrol Syntilo 9918

Castrol Syntilo 9918 is an oil-rejecting synthetic cutting and grinding fluid for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It provide pure machining performance in sever operations, such as threading. Syntilo 9918 produces minimal mist and generates little fluid carry-out, resulting in longer turnover rates and low product usage. It is ideal for the variety of metals found in general machining. Syntilo 9918 has a neutral pH, making it safe to use on aerospace alloys.

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    • Versatile fluid that can be used for a wide range of applications on various metals
    • Neutral pH protects aluminum and other aerospace alloys and promotes strong operator acceptance
    • Low foaming in all water conditions
    • Inhibits microbial growth to extend fluid life in central systems and individual sumps
    • Stable fluid suitable for a wide range of water conditions
    • Rejects tramp oils to the surface of the fluid for easy skimming
    • Prevents bi-metallic corrosion and is safe to use in equipment with copper, brass or bronze components
    • Settles chips quickly to maintain a clean working environment