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Havoline® ATF MERCON® V is for use in automatic transmissions requiring a MERCON V approved fluid.

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    Havoline ATF MERCON V delivers value through: •

    • Protection against the formation of lacquers, sludge, or other harmful deposits. •
    • Exceptional stability provided by excellent base oil and extra oxidation inhibitors. •
    • Fast circulation during cold weather and excellent lubricating body when hot. •
    • Optimized friction characteristics for smooth shifting and efficient power transfer.


    Havoline ATF MERCON V is designed specifically for use in Ford Motor Company transmissions that require a MERCON V fluid. It also provides premium performance in Ford MERCON and General Motors DEXRON®-III H applications.2

    It is manufactured from premium, severely hydroprocessed base stocks and select additives that provide oxidation and thermal stability, friction control, load-carrying ability, corrosion and wear protection. It helps prevent the accumulation of deposits and the formation of sludge, varnish and foam.

    Compared to MERCON fluids, Havoline ATF MERCON V has exceptionally low temperature flow properties and enhanced protection against viscosity breakdown.

    Under severe operating conditions, Havoline ATF MERCON V: •

    • Maintains friction control for smooth shift action. •
    • Retains low temperature fluidity and high temperature stability for long operating periods. •
    • Protects automatic transmission fluid coolers from corrosion. •
    • Helps minimize the chances of a transmission overhaul due to sludge, corrosion, wear of clutches and bands, gears and bearings, leakage past seals, and loss of frictional properties.


    Havoline ATF MERCON V is fully approved for MERCON V applications. In addition, it is recommended for applications that call for the former MERCON or DEXRON-III H fluids.