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Chevron Canopus 13

Chevron Canopus oil 13 is designed for use as an industrial circulating oils.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Canopus oils deliver value through:

    • High resistance to forming emulsions due to excellent water separating characteristics. •
    • Long lubricant life provided by natural oxidation stability. •
    • Good lubricant compatibility — Compatible with other mineral-based and polyalphaolefin lubricants.


    Canopus oils are high quality, high viscosity index, and highly refined uncompounded straight mineral oils with excellent water separating characteristics.

    Canopus oils possess good natural thermal and oxidation stability. Their high viscosity index makes them suitable for use over a wide temperature range. In circulating oil systems not requiring antiwear, compressor, or lightly loaded gear cases not requiring antiwear, they will maintain a high film strength and protect metal parts. Lubricant-related deposits will be kept to a minimum due to the excellent stability of these oils. System contaminants such as dirt and moisture can be easily removed from these oils by proper filtration.


    Canopus oils are recommended for use in many circulating oil systems where antiwear is not required, as cylinder lubricants in double-acting reciprocating compressors, and for the lubrication of both cylinders and running gears of single-acting compressors.

    Because of their compatibility, Canopus oils are good for flushing lubricant systems as well. Canopus oils can be used for hand oiling. Their high viscosity index makes them suitable for use over a wide temperature range.

    Do not use Canopus in high pressure systems in the vicinity of flames, sparks and hot surfaces. Use only in well ventilated areas. Keep container closed.