Chevron Capella

Chevron Capella WF 32

Chevron Capella WF 32 oil is designed for use as wax free refrigeration compressor oil.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Capella WF oils deliver value through:

    • Wax-free — Suitable for ultra-low temperature service.
    • Water-free — Low moisture content helps prevent icing in refrigeration expansion valves and helps prevent system corrosion.
    • Low carbon residue — Helps minimize the tendency to form carbon deposits on the hot spots of the compressor unit.


    Capella WF oils help provide maximum wear protection to refrigeration compressor or system in which they are used.

    Capella WF oils are manufactured using specially refined naphthenic mineral oils. Carefully selected base stocks assure the exceedingly low pour points necessary for refrigeration compressor lubricants.


    Capella WF oils are suitable for use in refrigeration systems. They are particularly suitable for modern, compact, high pressure refrigeration systems using Freon. Since they are wax-free, they are suitable for use in very cold ambient temperatures as a bearing lubricant or for hand oiling.

    Capella WF oils are unsuitable for refrigerant systems using HFC refrigeran ts, such as R-134a. The viscosity grade for the application should be based on the equipment manufacturer’s recommendation. Capella WF oils satisfy the re quirements of hermetically sealed air conditioning compressors or the many types of smaller units.