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Fuchs FM Grease CSC EP 2

Fuchs FM Grease CSC EP 2 is a high performance extreme pressure grease for food and beverage processing equipment

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    Detailed Product Description

    Fuchs FM Grease CSC EP 2 is specially developed for the grease lubrication of machinery in the food and beverage processing and packaging industry. They are based on calcium sulphonate complex thickener, white oils and select additives chosen for their ability to meet the stringent requirements of food and beverage industry. Registered by NSF (Class H1) for use where there is potential for incidental food contact.

    Certifications and Specifications

    • NSF H1 
    • Kosher Performance Features 
    • Outstanding extreme pressure and antiwear properties. 
    • Excellent water washout and water resistance. 
    • Neutral odor and taste 
    • Excellent corrosion protection 
    • Excellent pumpability 
    • High dropping point


    • Plain and roller bearings
    • Recommended for a wide range of applications like slides and ways, mechanical linkage, electric motor bearings, pump shaft bearings etc. 
    • NLGI 2 grade is also recommended for those applications where the grease is exposed to high temperatures, steam, and centrifugal action causing throw-off 
    • NLGI 1 grade will work well in many centralized automatic lubrication systems

    Handling and storage

    All food grade lubricants should be stored separately from other lubricants, chemical substances and foodstuffs and out of direct sunlight or other heat sources. Store between 32 °F and 100 °F. Provided that the product has been stored under these conditions we recommend that the product be used within 3 years from the date of manufacture. Upon opening a pack, the product must be used within 2 years (or within 3 years of the date of manufacture, whichever is sooner).