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Chevron Regal R&O 220

Chevron Regal R&O Oil 220 is a turbine oil designed to give outstanding performance in steam and hydroelectric turbines

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    Detailed Product Description

    Regal R&O oils deliver value through:

    • Long lubricant life provided by excellent thermal and oxidation stability. Formulated with an ashless, zinc-free formulation.
    • Excellent demulsibility helps ensure good lubricant film strength and minimal wear through quick water separation.
    • Excellent air release in turbine oil reservoir systems by the foam inhibitor hastening the release of foam and entrained air.
    • Rust protection of metal surfaces due to the use of an effective rust and corrosion inhibitor.
    • Environmental benefits — All grades are ashless. This facilitates reclaiming and recycling of the used oils.

    Chevron Regal R&O Oil ISO 32 through ISO 150 are recommended for use in most electric motor bearings, air compressors, gears, hydroelectric turbines, steam turbines, marine turbines, and non-heavy duty hydraulic systems where OEM recommends R&O type oils (for heavy duty hydraulic systems, customers should consider Rando HD oils).

    These products can also be used as a general purpose machine oil for shop use when R&O type oil is needed or is recommended. The multifunctional characteristics of Regal R&O type oils may allow them to replace other special application lubricants, which can result in reduced inventory and operating cost.

    Do not use Regal R&O in large and high temperature gas turbines. GST® Oils are recommended for these gas turbines.