Chevron Tegra

Chevron Tegra Synthetic Barrier Fluid

Tegra® Synthetic Barrier Fluid is used as a barrier fluid in dual mechanical seals found in pumps handling hydrocarbon liquids.

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    Tegra Synthetic Barrier Fluid delivers value through:

    • Exceptional thermal and oxidation stability — Long fluid life in high temperature operation.
    • Low coefficient of friction helps minimize the operating face temperature of the seal to prevent blistering of the carbon seal face.
    • Excellent wear protection helps minimize surface wear that can lead to early seal failure.
    • Protection in extreme conditions — The barrier fluid’s inhibition against rust and corrosion, foaming and oil oxidation provides excellent protection in extreme conditions.


    Tegra Synthetic Barrier Fluid is formulated to perform as a barrier fluid in dual mechanical seals.

    Manufactured from the highest quality polyalphaolefin base fluids, it helps provide protection against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion, and foaming.

    It has a low viscosity and excellent friction reducing ability. The fluid provides excellent low temperature fluidity and high temperature stability for performance over a wide temperature range. Its light viscosity, high viscosity index, and friction reducing ability helps minimize high face wear and high operating face temperatures that can lead to blistering of carbon seal faces.

    Tegra Synthetic Barrier Fluid’s excellent oxidation stability, rust protection and foam inhibition helps provide protection to the seal under extreme conditions or in corrosive environments.


    Tegra Synthetic Barrier Fluid is designed to meet the needs of a barrier fluid for dual mechanical seals per API Standard 682, Shaft Sealing Systems for Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps. Dual mechanical seals are used to control emissions of volatile air pollutants from industrial equipment. Leading seal manufacturers recommend the use of low viscosity synthetic fluids for extended seal life of API Standard 682 dual mechanical seals.

    Tegra Synthetic Barrier Fluid is compatible with a wide range of:

    • process liquids and does not contain impurities that could lead to catalyst poisoning should it enter the process stream.
    • seal elastomers, including Buna N, nitrile, Neoprene, polyacrylate, fluorosilicone, Hypalon, and fluorocarbon.

    It has a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) level, so that the barrier fluid itself will not be the source of volatile air pollutants in higher temperature applications.

    Use of Tegra Synthetic Barrier Fluid will help provide very stable seal performance over a wide temperature range.

    Tegra Synthetic Barrier Fluid helps maximize the life of the dual mechanical seal by minimizing the operating face temperature and surface wear.