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Delo 710 LE 20W-40

SAE Grade: SAE 20W40
Delo 710 LE 20W-40 is an industry leading, premium diesel engine oil for use in EMD and GE engines in marine, railroad and power generation applications.

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    Delo 710 LE delivers value and long engine life through:

    • Excellent Wear Control
    • Helps maximize engine cleanliness
    • Exhaust system and turbocharger deposit control
    • Excellent Oxidation stability, soot dispersancy and base retention for long oil life with newly designed low consumption power assemblies
    • AE 20W-40 helps provide a 15% to 25%1 oil consumption reduction vs. single grade engine oils
    • Formulated specifically for engines using Low Sulfur and Ultra Low Sulfur Fuels


    Delo 710 LE is approved by EMD and GE and is specifically formulated for use with Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD) and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels and new low emission engines.

    Delo 710 LE uses premium quality base oils that are exceptionally pure, with extremely low levels of sulfur, nitrogen and aromatics to enhance oxidation resistance.

    Delo 710 LE employs newly developed dispersants, detergents and oxidation inhibitors to promote outstanding oil life and minimal ash content. In addition, the 20W-40 viscosity grade can reduce oil consumption 15-25%1 vs single grade engine oils.

    All of these features make Delo 710 LE an excellent lubricant for engines using LSD and ULSD fuels with or without exhaust after-treatment equipment.


    Delo 710 LE is recommended for diesel engines using LSD or ULSD fuels where Zn-free oils are required in the following applications:

    • Railroad
    • Marine
    • Offshore Drilling and Production
    • Stationary Power Generation

    Delo 710 LE benefits:

    • Designed for low and ultra low sulfur fuels
    • Formulated for modern EMD and GE engines used in a wide range of railroad, inland marine and stationary engines
    • Uses an optimized additive formulation with reduced ash and advanced dispersant technology
    • Helps minimize exhaust system and turbo-charger deposits
    • Zinc free, Non-chlorinated
    • Compatible with earlier generation EMD and GE approved engine oils
    • Miscible with competitive railroad type oils and additive systems when engine manufacturers recommended practices are followed
    • Delo 710 LE SAE 20W-40 meets the performance requirements of LMOA Generation 6 and is approved for Electro-Motive Diesel LMOA Generation 5 and General Electric LMOA Generation 4 Long Life.