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Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP1

Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP1 greases are designed for plain and anti-friction bearing applications operating under high stress/high load conditions, coupled with high ambient temperatures typically found in heavy duty off-road applications. Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP 1 greases feature 3% moly sought after by many OEMs in off-road applications.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP 1 greases deliver value for the offroad construction and mining industries by offering:

    • Corrosion and wear protection
    • Water resistance in both submerged and direct pressure spray situations.
    • Shock load protection
    • Performance across a wide temperature range from extremely hot to extremely cold conditions, this unique Heavy Duty EP product line delivers when needed most.

    Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP 1 greases are formulated using highly refined base oils in a lithium complex thickener system. They also feature better corrosion resistance, wear control, and shock loading than our basic Delo Heavy Duty product. They provide very good protection over a wide temperature range.

    These greases are recommended for applications operating over wide temperature ranges.

    Chevron Delo Heavy Duty EP 1 greases are not intended for use in high-speed bearing applications such as those found in electric motors due to the greases’ high viscosity base stocks formulation. When in doubt, please consult your Chevron representative or OEM maintenance manual for application parameters when considering a switch to these greases.