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Delo Syn-Trans XE SAE 75W-90

Delo® Syn-Trans XE is a heavy duty truck synthetic automated manual transmission (AMT) fluid specially formulated for extended drain and severe service operations, and recommended for both factory and service fill of Eaton Ultra Shift Automated Manual Transmissions utilized by the main North American Truck Manufacturers when coupled with Cummins, PACCAR MX or Navistar diesel engines.

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    Delo Syn-Trans XE delivers value through:

    • Extended drain capabilities — Provides onhighway drain intervals of 500,000 miles in onhighway Eaton medium and heavy duty transmissions, including automated manual transmissions (AMT), and 500,000 miles for older model Eaton Heavy Duty Manual Transmissions.
    • Extreme pressure protection — Protects against transmission gear scuffing, pitting and adhesive wear, even at this lower viscosity level, allowing for excellent parts protection.
    • Superb thermal and oxidation stability — Formulated for high temperature performance and excellent oxidation resistance to protect against sludge, varnish, lacquer and harmful deposit buildup in critical transmission components.
    • High viscosity index and low pour point — Excellent low temperature performance allowing for rapid circulation of the fluid for easier start up and reduced stress on the transmission components.
    • Wide seal compatibility — Compatible with a wide range of seal elastomers helping to prevent seal deterioration and fluid loss.
    • Excellent shear stability — Robust viscosity retention, which contributes to system protection throughout the fluid’s service life.
    • Fuel economy performance — Provides up to 2% fuel economy savings, compared to higher viscosity full synthetic SAE 50 transmission lubricants (PS 164, rev 7 type fluids), to help minimize vehicle operating costs.
    • Warranty plus protection — Bumper-to-bumper warranty protection from the engine to the drivetrain that covers lubricant-related damage to your equipment, including parts and labor.1 Problem resolution and technical advice from Chevron’s lubrication experts.
    • Access to Chevron’s lubrication and industry knowledge — Maximizes the bottom line business results of trucking industry professionals.


    Delo® Syn-Trans XE SAE 75W-90 is a premium, heavy duty transmission fluid engineered to provide excellent fluid shear stability and superb frictional characteristics to promote smooth, easy shifting. The high performance additives allow for excellent resistance to rust and corrossion, and are compatible with various types of ferrous and yellow metals.


    Delo Syn-Trans XE SAE 75W-90 is recommended for factory and service fill for Eaton heavy duty on-road automated manual transmissions when operating under severe conditions and in extremely cold or hot environments. It has also been formulated for use in older generation Eaton manual transmissions that require PS-164, rev 7 performance to allow for consolidated use at truck workshops.

    Delo Syn-Trans XE SAE 75W-90 should not be used in axles as it is designed for AMT transmissions and has friction modifiers, which do not work well in axle lubrication.

    Delo Syn-Trans XE SAE 75W-90 meets or exceeds the performance requirements of:

    • API Service Category MT-1

    Delo Syn-Trans XE SAE 75W-90 is approved for:

    • Eaton PS-386

    Delo Syn-Trans XE SAE 75W-90 is recommended for use in:

    • Eaton PS-164, rev 7
    • Mack TO-A PLUS
    • Meritor O-81
    • Navistar MPAPS B-6816
    • Volvo 97305
    • ZF Freedomline